Visually guide customers over phone or live chatCardina lets you see, draw on, and cobrowse your customer’s screen without them needing to lift a finger.
It takes just one click – no more downloads, meeting links, or frustration.
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Show customers by drawing on their screen – or sharing yours
Highlight where to click by drawing on the customer’s screen
Provide visibility into enrollment workflows by allowing agents to share their screen with the customer
Take control with the customer’s permission
Scroll, click, and type on behalf of the customer – as if you were sitting right next to them
Navigate workflows on external sites by requesting a full screenshare
Review and replay session recordings
Optionally record and replay past sessions
Help agents learn by reviewing previous resolutions
Mask out sensitive data so it’s never sent or saved
Help your agents save time and decrease abandonment
Resolve customer issues 41% fasterNo more asking for bug descriptions and screenshots. Cardina lets you see your customer’s screen live, or even take over their screen to guide the way – decreasing handle times and increasing CSAT/NPS.
Cardina helps us support individuals who may not have a strong sense of how to work with software by letting us guide, teach and troubleshoot at the same time.Saydie Blanchet, Operations Manager
Boost first-contact resolutions by 47% Are you speaking with a prospect, and don’t want them to lose interest? Cardina gives reps and agents instant connectivity and 2-way screen sharing, creating more opportunities to drive satisfaction and win more deals.
After we implemented Cardina, issues that previously took days to resolve with back-and-forth email communication can now be rectified in a few moments.Nick Head, Customer Success Lead
Control agent access to customer dataEnsure that agents have access to sensitive customer data only when they need it – with the customer's explicit consent. Improve compliance and reduce risk compared to admin panels and full account access.
Cardina’s data protection features give me confidence, because I know my team isn’t inadvertently accessing information they shouldn’t.Natalie Mercuri, Head of Ops
Companies that crush customer engagement with Cardina
Tools to satisfy even the most demanding customers
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The security your CTO demandsWe take privacy (and your customers’ privacy) seriously.
That’s why Cardina was built from the ground up to secure your most sensitive data.
See what you need to see, and nothing else
Control what agents can see with complete granularity
Passwords and certain sensitive fields are automatically hidden
Any element can be blocked by adding a single attribute
Configurable permissions and logging
Cardina only shares the webpage by default – excluding personal notifications or other applications
Users can revoke viewing permissions at any point
Full audit log visibility into agent actions
Compliant with global data protection and security frameworks
SOC 2 Type II
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Integrates with your existing tools
Cardina integrates seamlessly with your existing tools, so you can engage with customers and get a comprehensive view of their digital experience from anywhere.
Works with everything
Cardina works on all of your users' devices and with the latest web technologies, regardless of language or framework.
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